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Topic subjectYO! I had the same experience
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13346066, YO! I had the same experience
Posted by bentagain, Tue Sep-03-19 02:27 PM
Lady behind me thought it was Erykah...she was actually excited by her mistake

...which indicated to me that, in addition to season ticket holders who may not be familiar with TFA and thought they were seeing the tonight show band, alot of folks there may not have even heard TFA

halfway through innocence lost, when the language gets more descriptive, an audible...Erykah No...is heard from the lady behind me

I had to turn around and tell her it was Ursula Rucker, not Erykah Badu

Don't get me wrong, great set, love the Hollywood Bowl, but this wasn't the proper setting for a front to back rendition of TFA

Grandpa and grandma probably can't relate to...face on the ground and give it up

The Roots are absolutely capable of putting together a performance that was more fitting to that environment

I'M happy that I got to see the performance of TFA

...but being a fan, I already watched the picnic vid...

This was not that.

I hope they're not touring the TFA performance, because outside of Philly, I doubt it will land well

REALLY happy I went to the Greek to see Maze

Frankie's voice is for all intent and purposes...shot

So it was more of a celebration than a performance

which is what I was expecting from the Roots show

every person was on their feet, singing along, and carrying a lot of the songs

Regina killed just singing over backing tracks

I found myself applauding the Luther selection played between acts

= way better experience, IMO.