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Topic subjectThe Roots Hollywood Bowl Check in
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13344778, The Roots Hollywood Bowl Check in
Posted by las raises, Sun Aug-25-19 11:39 PM
Who's going? I'll be there with my TFA tee on, can't wait!
13344779, I'll be there and got a good ass seat. (insert outdated slang here)
Posted by ConcreteCharlie, Mon Aug-26-19 12:56 AM
13344780, I’m going to their August 30th show at Harrahs Rincon
Posted by calij81, Mon Aug-26-19 01:13 AM
In San Diego county and like Bart Scott, CANT WAIT!!
13344781, indeed indeed
Posted by atruhead, Mon Aug-26-19 02:13 AM
13344809, Driving in that day from Vegas
Posted by VerbalK420, Mon Aug-26-19 11:16 AM
I'll be there in section J Super Seats. Thankful for the last post on the board about the show as I had missed the announcement. Ya'll expecting Dice, Common, Mos, et al, to be there?
13344835, Copped
Posted by bentagain, Mon Aug-26-19 12:51 PM
A couple of shows at the Hollywood Bowl that I went to, they had the LA Philharmonic backing the acts


At least Miguel Atwood Ferguson or something...a little extra

Hyped for the show regardless

It's been a couple of years since I saw The Roots

Maybe 2 years ago at the HOB Anaheim

They absolutely KILLED!!!

Can't wait (c)
13344845, Christian McBride big band backing them this time w/special guests
Posted by ConcreteCharlie, Mon Aug-26-19 01:14 PM
I've seen the LA Phil perform on their own there and some other orchestras. Kind of cool but I definitely like the Disney Theater better for classical stuff. This should slap pretty hard, reminds me a little of a show they did at the Kimmel Center in 05 or so. A bunch of OKPs fell through to that.
13344872, Maze feat Frankie Beverly on Sat at the Greek too
Posted by bentagain, Mon Aug-26-19 03:28 PM
13344915, the one i wanted to go to was herbie hancock/thundercat
Posted by ConcreteCharlie, Mon Aug-26-19 07:26 PM
had a commitment tho
13345002, That show was great. Thundercat is weird though
Posted by tourgasm, Tue Aug-27-19 10:39 AM
And never stands out.

Glasper and Terrace's guys stood out as openers and in the jam sessions as usual.
13344844, Not me, but I hope to see them Friday
Posted by handle, Mon Aug-26-19 01:12 PM
They play in North Country San Diego at Harrah's Casino on Friday.

13345247, I'll beeeeeeee there (c) Redman
Posted by seandammit, Wed Aug-28-19 01:06 PM
13345346, The guests were Ursula Rucker, Dice Raw and Freeway
Posted by ConcreteCharlie, Thu Aug-29-19 12:52 AM
They all chipped in, especially Dice, but no matter. The Roots were in rare form, best set I have seen from them in at least 10 years. The way they ripped "Nothing New" was like a hit of DMT.
13345449, I don't consider Dice a guest
Posted by atruhead, Thu Aug-29-19 01:23 PM
he's been on the majority of their albums since Do You Want More

yet the woman next to me asked who he was
13345762, yeah but a lot of attendees were season ticket/strip holders
Posted by ConcreteCharlie, Fri Aug-30-19 07:38 PM
i definitely saw some old white people who were uncomfortable AF and an old black lady said "OH MY" during rucker's performance.

the reason, i surmise, is that the bowl made this part of their season ticket schedule and optional for their "pick 5" and other such programs.
13346066, YO! I had the same experience
Posted by bentagain, Tue Sep-03-19 02:27 PM
Lady behind me thought it was Erykah...she was actually excited by her mistake

...which indicated to me that, in addition to season ticket holders who may not be familiar with TFA and thought they were seeing the tonight show band, alot of folks there may not have even heard TFA

halfway through innocence lost, when the language gets more descriptive, an audible...Erykah No...is heard from the lady behind me

I had to turn around and tell her it was Ursula Rucker, not Erykah Badu

Don't get me wrong, great set, love the Hollywood Bowl, but this wasn't the proper setting for a front to back rendition of TFA

Grandpa and grandma probably can't relate to...face on the ground and give it up

The Roots are absolutely capable of putting together a performance that was more fitting to that environment

I'M happy that I got to see the performance of TFA

...but being a fan, I already watched the picnic vid...

This was not that.

I hope they're not touring the TFA performance, because outside of Philly, I doubt it will land well

REALLY happy I went to the Greek to see Maze

Frankie's voice is for all intent and purposes...shot

So it was more of a celebration than a performance

which is what I was expecting from the Roots show

every person was on their feet, singing along, and carrying a lot of the songs

Regina killed just singing over backing tracks

I found myself applauding the Luther selection played between acts

= way better experience, IMO.

13345454, Excellent.
Posted by Cam, Thu Aug-29-19 01:47 PM
Of all the outdoor venues I've been (not really a lot) I enjoy the experience at the Hollywood Bowl the most.
13345460, Man, I was hungover as shit yesterday
Posted by Ryan M, Thu Aug-29-19 01:52 PM
Otherwise I'd have sprung for tix given how cheap they were. Last few Roots shows I've seen have been good but it's been awhile since I've seen a proper set and this would have been the one to go to.
13345347, Kirk was FIRE!
Posted by Utamaroho, Thu Aug-29-19 01:24 AM
Knew dude was talented, but what he did with the vocals at the end was truly memorable.

Now to get the fuck outta LA and back to the A! Damn it’s a lotta people here. Shit!
13345796, Enjoyed the entire show but Kirk is something else
Posted by las raises, Sat Aug-31-19 01:44 PM
He's so damn talented
13346070, Did they have the white guy on the drum pad do a solo?
Posted by sectachrome86, Tue Sep-03-19 02:56 PM
I saw them in Feb for the first time in like 10 years and they all left the stage to let this guy do a long terrible solo...it sucked all the energy out of the room and killed the vibe.