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Topic subjectThis piece of content is historically inaccurate liberal lgtbq and immigrant propaganda…
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13345513, This piece of content is historically inaccurate liberal lgtbq and immigrant propaganda…
Posted by Kira, Thu Aug-29-19 04:31 PM
Get the Hidden Colors films and HC5 if you want the real instead of this liberal trash. Its an attempt to intersect our history with immigration and lgbtq propaganda. Foundational black Americans did not "immigrate involuntarily" get the flaming fuck outta here.

On a basic level it's historically inaccurate because foundational black americans were here earlier than 1619.

I'm on the clock and in a hurry so cliff notes version:

Folsom artifacts from black skinned people, that's us foundational black Americans, date back 13,000 years ago. George Mcjunkin found the folsom discovered the folsom artifacts and he was a former slave.

Foundational Black Americans were here in South Florida in the 1580s, In South Carolina in the 1526, and around the time of 1619-1620 they already found people living for a long time in West Virgina prior to that census.

They dont talk about this because we fought the white supremacists back.

The 1619 date is religious pandering as well foh.

Why is Lil Nas X included in this trash? Hmph, look at that propaganda.

Making the evil right wing people out to be boogeymen ignores the roll of white supremacy from white liberals.

I have an issue with the theme of this as ignores the people that did these things within the context of white supremacy. It implies foundational black americans hit a rough spot and eventually got over it.

Don't try to tie the struggles of my ancestors with immigrants. It's highly offensive and pisses me off.

There's an advertisement in here for the color of change... Miss me with this black and brown trash. What brown people went through Jim Crow? What brown people went through slavery to the same degree as foundational black americans in this country? Exactly, miss me with this bullshit.

Foundational black Americans are not immigrants. We came to a barren landscape and built it up to where it is to the extent immigrants saw a better future and chose to come here.