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Topic subjecti just finished Nikole Hannah-Jones introductory essay
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13343978, i just finished Nikole Hannah-Jones introductory essay
Posted by akon, Tue Aug-20-19 07:22 AM
and its one of the most powerful things i have read
i felt the same way i did when i first visited the Black Smithsonian
there's a lot in here that I didn't know... and some that I did
I do agree with her that centering the narrative of the founding of this country
on 1619 forces all of us to reckon with the history we have been sold.
I want to read more about the reconstruction period- ta-nehisi coats we were 100 years in power was excellent in that respect
but would definitely like to read more books especially on the economic and legislative impact in the south

as an African immigrant to this country
it resonated with me when she talks about the immigration and nationality act
born of the civil rights movement- which enabled people like me (and many african leaders at the time)
to come here - and opened the doors, really for all black and brown people.

i recently found an essay online about malcolm X's visit to Sudan (part of my thesis is on the history of southern sudan so this was an accidental find as i was looking for articles)
i havent read it yet.... but just the find itself was amazing

anyway... onto the other essays

edit: forgot the essay: X Marks the Spot: Mapping Malcolm X's Encounters with Sudan