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Topic subjectDo edge ups cause receding hairlines and balding?
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13338457, Do edge ups cause receding hairlines and balding?
Posted by dirtydee, Sat Jun-15-19 08:50 AM
So me and my ex are having this back and forward about getting my son's haircut. She is adamant about the fact that getting an edge up causes a black males hairline to recede or causes it to go bald. I am telling her that cornrows and bad barbers are the cause of a receding hairline, and I only get them for him once a month or so. So when she takes him to get a hair cut at Fade Gods or wherever, they fill in the hairline with Bajan (sp) and two days later the hairline looks raggedy like he didn't even have a haircut. BTW, She goes to a Latino barber, and I go to a black barber who i've talked to at end about this. Help us out!