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Topic subjectDo edge ups cause receding hairlines and balding?
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13338457, Do edge ups cause receding hairlines and balding?
Posted by dirtydee, Sat Jun-15-19 08:50 AM
So me and my ex are having this back and forward about getting my son's haircut. She is adamant about the fact that getting an edge up causes a black males hairline to recede or causes it to go bald. I am telling her that cornrows and bad barbers are the cause of a receding hairline, and I only get them for him once a month or so. So when she takes him to get a hair cut at Fade Gods or wherever, they fill in the hairline with Bajan (sp) and two days later the hairline looks raggedy like he didn't even have a haircut. BTW, She goes to a Latino barber, and I go to a black barber who i've talked to at end about this. Help us out!

13338458, that’s some old wives tale shit
Posted by sersey, Sat Jun-15-19 09:42 AM
Receding hairlines/baldness is 90% genetics and 10% scalp care (conditioning, cleaning, avoid irritation etc)

If you’re predisposed to it genetically then all the scalpcare in the world won’t matter. But cornrows and edge ups certainly won’t help
13338464, It can be a mix of that but mainly bad diet
Posted by Musa, Sat Jun-15-19 02:07 PM
which causes poor circulation.

Compromised kidneys.

A backed up colon.
13338478, I'm trusting your logic here.
Posted by isaaaa, Sat Jun-15-19 10:20 PM

Anti-gentrification, cheap alcohol & trying to look pretty in our twilight posting years (c) Big Reg
13338479, Whatup, Dee? Been a long while...
Posted by Creole, Sat Jun-15-19 10:20 PM
That Bejin treatment is the worst especially on a child. And yes! Getting edged up can damage a hairline if the barber doesn’t know what he or she is doing. Have them follow the natural line without creating one. So many barbers want to make everyone’s line straight even though not everyone has a straight edge.

Best of luck with that battle...
13338488, My barber wouldn't even line my son's hair up until about a few months ago
Posted by Innocent Criminal, Sun Jun-16-19 09:27 AM
He was adamant people should wait until the child is at least 5 before lining up, it never bothered me, logic seemed sound. I was always disturbed to see toddlers with razor sharp lines anyways.
13338587, prolly if the barbers are damaging the skin with it.
Posted by tariqhu, Mon Jun-17-19 12:20 PM
but its mostly genetics.
13338793, I know a bunch of cats whose hairlines ain't growing back after years of...
Posted by Creole, Tue Jun-18-19 10:00 AM
barbers pushing that line further and further back. All in the name of a straight line.

Keep believing you can't lose your hair because of getting bad edge ups.

I got a feeling most of the dudes, around these parts, look like this anyway. Wouldn't even know what an edge looks like.

13338814, I haven't had a shape-up on the front since 1999
Posted by flipnile, Tue Jun-18-19 11:06 AM
I do shape my neck and beard up tho. So yeah... lol.
13338826, If I didn't have the ill and off-center Eddie Monster, I'd prolly have done...
Posted by Creole, Tue Jun-18-19 11:27 AM
the same.
13338818, OR
Posted by hardware, Tue Jun-18-19 11:13 AM
they were going bald. end of story.

they might have told themselves it was the edge up to make them feel better about losing hair
13338836, Nah, B! One goes bald naturally while the other is caused by...
Posted by Creole, Tue Jun-18-19 11:52 AM

There's the actual factuals!

13338769, No. Genetic balding, bad diets, stress and aging causes...
Posted by flipnile, Tue Jun-18-19 08:39 AM
...receding hairlines.

Not shape-ups.
13338790, a haircut cannot cause any genetic change to your hairline
Posted by hardware, Tue Jun-18-19 09:50 AM
cornrows either

things can damage hair, but if you're going bald, you're going bald regardless.
13338812, this might be the dumbest post i've ever seen on here
Posted by jrocc, Tue Jun-18-19 10:46 AM
13338819, I thought it was just me lol
Posted by ThaTruth, Tue Jun-18-19 11:14 AM
13338828, Well...actually
Posted by bentagain, Tue Jun-18-19 11:28 AM
I thought so too...

...balding is caused by a change in testosterone...



There are references to 'hairstyles'...

"Certain hairstyles and treatments. Excessive hairstyling or hairstyles that pull your hair tight, such as pigtails or cornrows, can cause a type of hair loss called traction alopecia. Hot oil hair treatments and permanents can cause inflammation of hair follicles that leads to hair loss. If scarring occurs, hair loss could be permanent."

I have seen edge ups scar...so...yeah, there's that.
13338837, Thanks for being a "Well, actually" kinda guy today! LMAO
Posted by Creole, Tue Jun-18-19 11:52 AM
13339194, it was the dumbest theory from my ex
Posted by dirtydee, Thu Jun-20-19 09:46 AM
a) never set foot in a barber shop till 2 yrs ago and almost overnight became an expert

b) gathered anectdotal evidence from people with bad haircuts

c) tried to discount my thinking because i got locs.

and to think what did i do im my previous years prior to locs? I went to a barber and never had my hairline pushed back because i had a good barber.

13339204, Haha. She likes to argue.
Posted by legsdiamond, Thu Jun-20-19 09:58 AM
What is her theory? No edge ups until..???