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Topic subjectJim Jones’ EL CAPO album is pure heat!!!
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13338350, Jim Jones’ EL CAPO album is pure heat!!!
Posted by thegodcam, Fri Jun-14-19 12:56 PM
This is his Blueprint album imo.... I skip no songs and all the features r dope

1st single My Era

Joe Budden hyping it
13338380, Yeah he talkin that shit..definitely found a pocket
Posted by silenttype, Fri Jun-14-19 01:48 PM
my fave joints are love of the hustle w/ Trav
and Pity in the Summer w/ Cam
13338388, His whole career is nuts
Posted by Marauder21, Fri Jun-14-19 02:16 PM
Went from being the weakest one in the Dips to a genuine star in his own right to a TV guy to an actually good MC and (weirdly enough) never really changed much. there wasn't a big breakthrough moment like when Wayne turned from Cash Money teen rapper to legitimate beast. Jim just kept at it and steadily got better, and he dropped a great album in 2019.
13338449, If you do something long enough it's hard not to get
Posted by Adwhizz, Fri Jun-14-19 11:26 PM
at least SOMEWHAT good at it.

Cheers to Dude for continuing
13338480, he was blessed with an above average ear for beats too...
Posted by mikediggz, Sat Jun-15-19 10:31 PM
which never hurts. havent peeped this yet but definitely will. already gotta nice lil jimmy/dips playlist in place
13348638, Nice assessment.
Posted by Shaun Tha Don, Sat Sep-21-19 02:32 PM
13338405, must not be my style
Posted by mista k5, Fri Jun-14-19 03:09 PM
i didnt feel it. the first half was pretty bad to me. i really dont enjoy his flow, its in the same category as drake raps to me.

the last third was better, might have one or two songs that will stay in 2019 rotation but i doubt it.
13338444, stfu, HARLEM N***A!!!!!!
Posted by isaaaa, Fri Jun-14-19 10:38 PM

Anti-gentrification, cheap alcohol & trying to look pretty in our twilight posting years (c) Big Reg
13348640, LOL!
Posted by NoDrawls McGraw, Sat Sep-21-19 03:30 PM
13338493, Album is great. What are your top 3 albums from the past 3 years?
Posted by Mgmt, Sun Jun-16-19 02:05 PM
>i didnt feel it. the first half was pretty bad to me. i
>really dont enjoy his flow, its in the same category as drake
>raps to me.
>the last third was better, might have one or two songs that
>will stay in 2019 rotation but i doubt it.
13338530, i have it rated like a 3.5/5
Posted by mista k5, Mon Jun-17-19 09:34 AM
i can see people rating it a 4

2017 is a bit distant but top 3 would probably be between these
*Kendrick Lamar - damn*
Brother ali - All the Beauty in This Whole Life
Jay-z - 4:44
Tyler - flower boy

2018 was great to me so tough to narrow but id say between these
Binary star - lightyearsapart
Black milk - fever
Lupe fiasco - drogas wave
Pusha t - Daytona
*Royce - book of Ryan*

2019 is a bit fresh, black beans is the only one im sure will stay but so far its between these
Puts - sincerely, the p
Med/guilty - child of the jungle
*Choosey/exile - black beans*
Tylor - Igor
Kota the friend - foto

if youre asking for a top album on each year i marked them with *
13348585, cuz snitches get stitches
Posted by thegodcam, Fri Sep-20-19 03:42 PM
13348594, LATE PASS
Posted by PROMO, Fri Sep-20-19 04:22 PM
13348669, Jimmy say it ain’t so
Posted by thegodcam, Sun Sep-22-19 04:24 PM
13348671, *sigh*
Posted by thegodcam, Sun Sep-22-19 05:29 PM
13348922, a fake blood and a snitch...who rides for this type of garbage?
Posted by LAbeathustla, Tue Sep-24-19 12:46 PM
this nigga is just a plain wack ass nigga