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Topic subjectI had a feeling someone might go here. My exact words were:
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13338977, I had a feeling someone might go here. My exact words were:
Posted by kfine, Wed Jun-19-19 04:54 AM
"So perhaps that's why I so strongly reject most posters in here projecting (what appear to be typically) male motives onto your girl. I guess I could just read what you described so many other ways. "

And I said it because in the post it's pretty much EXCLUSIVELY MEN pushing an assumption of prowl/cheating behavior on the part of the OP's girlfriend, and EXCLUSIVELY MEN defending the practice of - and insisting on the ubiquity of - inevitably hooking up with colleagues at a new job.

I know there's only a few of us women responding on okp these days to begin with, and we're certainly likely to have different views on things. But I found it noteworthy that exactly none of the women responding in here projected similar motives onto his girlfriend, and that we all seemed to coalesce around a sense that he just needs to communicate with her before jumping to a conclusion (a sentiment NOT initially shared by most men responding, btw)

In this case, my comment was less about men at large and more about the gendered dynamic playing out in the post.

You could have just communicated the offense you perceived to me directly down there though lol I don't bite :)