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Topic subjectOne of the other problems is having people in your corner who would...
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13338888, One of the other problems is having people in your corner who would...
Posted by Creole, Tue Jun-18-19 03:04 PM
>The feeling of not trusting your S.O. truly sucks, and is
>something that I would not put up with for any length of time
>(anymore). One of the biggest problems is the self-doubt that
>it causes because you feel one way, think another, while other
>people are telling you that you are crazy. Erodes
>self-confidence and trust.

tell you that you're crazy for wanting to be with someone who has cheated on you. Other peoples' opinions are seemingly what's helping to erode self-confidence and the type of trust needed to be in a relationship.

Cuz believe me... They done cheated and done been cheated on too. Physical or emotional. And keep in mind that emotional affair does not necessarily have to be with someone of the opposite sex. Obviously, it's just like the physical in that anybody can get it.

You'll find, if you haven't already, people that tell you to not include everyone in your personal affairs. Anyone that would tell you that you're crazy, for loving someone and being vulnerable, is delusional and has their own issues to deal with. You don;t need 'em in your circle and definitely not close enough to know your business. Everyone has been hurt and has to deal with managing those feelings. being told that you're crazy, by someone that you trust, is equally as detrimental. All that matters is what you, the other adult, and the both of you choose to do in the end.