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Topic subjectPeep my post 133... wasn't dismissing his feelings...
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13338804, Peep my post 133... wasn't dismissing his feelings...
Posted by FLUIDJ, Tue Jun-18-19 10:31 AM
>...instincts, what his "gut" is telling him, small logical
>things that don't make sense, etc.
>In a sense, by one ignoring their feelings what they are doing
>is not being honest with themselves, which WILL eat a person
>up from the inside.

It's the everything after...all the theatrics BEYOND expressing how he's feeling to his partner and moving on. All the talk about meeting the coworker, and asking her to set boundaries and asking her to think about her behavior and actions etc... that's all wasted energy and time on his part. It doesn't feed the relationship. It doesn't do anything beyond adding fuels to the flames of insecurity.

>Emotions are a guide, not the truth. If he feels like
>something is off the it probably is, and that's what he's
>trying to figure out now.

This where the trust comes into play. He can (A)trust her and keep building with her. Or he can (B)refuse to trust her and tear himself apart. To do (A) is gonna require he work on himself. To do (B) is gonna require him putting energy into trying to control other people...wouldn't you say that's a waste of energy?

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