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Topic subjectI dunno man...I hear you.. but at this point I'm starting to think workplace
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13338706, I dunno man...I hear you.. but at this point I'm starting to think workplace
Posted by kfine, Mon Jun-17-19 04:30 PM
culture or industry must play a massive role...

Like I'm honestly racking my brain, trying to relate to what you guys are describing.

When I zoom out a bit on the work sis-work bro friendships themselves, it was most often as part of a larger clique/group of friends. So one could argue they were more like work bro-work sis-"networks" lol. But still. NEVER any shady shit.

Spouses/partners are even part of the club. One couple always hosts the superbowl party, one couple hosts pre-drinks before the christmas party, etc.

My work bro's girl once texted "ME" at an odd time to help her surprise her man with a birthday lunch + cake party she wanted to host in our building. Like I'm booking conference rooms for her and shit, lol

Or there was the time I "left" my job (and my ex), and my ex started hanging out with my (former) work bro. That was awkward lol

I get what you're trying to say about seeking refuge from relationship issues. I've gone through relationship issues while working somewhere, and sometimes talked to a work bro as friends about what was going on. But not because I was attracted or escaping, more to get a male perspective from somebody that knew me on a day-to-day basis. Or sometimes, the work bro and his girl/wife would ask me what's going on, if I became close friends with them both and they heard I broke up with so-and-so.

How do you think these guys earn the title the work bro??!! One even ratted on my cheating ex to me (saw him out with another woman). That's why I even designated him a legit bro lol

*shrug* I've just never worked anywhere or with people where the vibe isn't super cool. Even the nightclub I worked at wasn't a complete orgy among staff.

I know nothing of this inevitable emotional or sexual work relationship yall are talking about

edit: I should note these were friendships/cliques that built up after YEARS of working together.