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Topic subjectHey kfine it's me again. This is so us
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13338678, Hey kfine it's me again. This is so us
Posted by Mafamaticks, Mon Jun-17-19 03:14 PM
>I guess I'm just still not even seeing what would be in it for
>your girl to fall so aggressively for this dude, lol.

Trouble at home + rebound relationship shit. And I have a theory about rebound relationships. Like subconsciously your body wants to jump to the next one and not miss a beat, which is why people that get out of LTRs be all clingy.

And don't get it twisted. She's definitely attracted to him. Maybe not physically, but you don't exchange long ass text threads with somebody you not attracted to.

In your case, since you go so hard about this professionalism shit, you probably made your boundaries clear, whereas my assumption is OPs girl was either intentionally or unintentionally vague with it.