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Topic subjectNot really interested in taking this back + forth too much further, but:
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13338481, Not really interested in taking this back + forth too much further, but:
Posted by kfine, Sun Jun-16-19 01:05 AM

>Because I had sex with 2 women out of the 1000s of women I've
>worked with, she's somehow more likely to act professional in
>a professional environment than I am? You think those 2 women
>that I was with weren't professional? You think I tricked them
>out of some pussy or something? Shit just a minute ago you
>questioned her judgement, now she's more professional than me.
> You really hung up on this professional shit huh? Like being
>professional makes you a better human or some shit.

I question anyone's judgement who thinks its a good idea to make a habit of fucking coworkers. And no, I don't think professional conduct makes one a better human. I think professional conduct makes one a better professional.

Like the type of professional who has his priorities straight... or takes things like his pay and promotions seriously...

>Fucking a co-worker is not the same as being work spouse. I
>think you're confusing the two.

I'm not confusing shit. In fact, I believe I was one of the few/only posters in here trying to make the case to the OP that the specific behaviors he's worried about may NOT actually indicate any emotional or physical infidelity on his girl's part.

YALL are the ones who are basically like 'when we do those things it means we're cheating so basically assume she's cheating and end the relationship.' lol tf?

>I never said your experience as a woman was invalid, but when
>you jump out the gate talking I, I, I, me, me, me

You mean when I shared my experience as a woman?

AND don't
>roll with niggas that do this shit? Then look down on people
>that do? Then have the nerve to say we got garbage hot takes,
>but don't even know how some people get down when it comes to
>this shit?

Again, you fail to account for the fact that his girl MAY NOT BE LIKE YOU. In fact he said right out the gate he feels QUITE CONFIDENT she's not fucking dude and is most uneasy about a possible emotional connection. That right there is entirely different than the trifling shit you're in here defending.

>Y'all advice is different than dudes because the majority of
>y'all haven't been in LTRs with other women or been in this
>particular situation with a woman as your SO.

Very true. Pretty sure I'd still roll with the women on this one though ;)