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Topic subjectAlmost my whole career has been public sector corporate environments
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13338470, Almost my whole career has been public sector corporate environments
Posted by kfine, Sat Jun-15-19 05:29 PM

so yes, on exactly that "one" thing we can agree. Industry/organization type probably does have something to do with it.

I'm thinking age and seniority/executive level likely influence behavior as well. At least for professional women.

But that's about all I think is worth saying about that, after reading through this reasoning.

There's clearly a lack of alignment in professional judgement, circles, and ambitions between me and anyone engaging in or even cosigning that type of shit at the workplace.

Like real talk I never want to hear any of yall complain about a pay gap or promotion snub or anything if this is the shit you are or have been up to. What are your priorities??

Of course I'm aware it happens but tbh I don't even move with people or in spaces where that kind of thing would fly, so.

I stand by every single thing I wrote, ESPECIALLY the last part.