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Topic subjectI'm sorry but checks >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> dick and it's not even close.
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13338465, I'm sorry but checks >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> dick and it's not even close.
Posted by kfine, Sat Jun-15-19 02:07 PM
>I've been a work husband twice and I wound up fucking both of
>them. I was also in your shoes 15 years ago. I let a lot of
>shit slide and I had to go through her phone to find out she
>lied to me. I went through that so you wouldn't have to

What kind of organizations/industries are yall working in that you can even get away with shitting where you eat like this???

Off the strength of this post I thought about each and every friendship or clique I've ever been a part of or observed in a workplace environment for over a decade. And this is easy to do because I'm still friends/associates with many folks even to today.

In the professional/corporate environments, no one was ever, had ever, or was even rumored to have been fucking. I know of TWO friends who started hooking up with guys they worked with but both couples connected AFTER dudes left the company and both ended up getting married (one divorced a few years later, but still lol).

Even looking back on my bartending days, the VAST MAJORITY of women working at the club were NOT cheating on their bfs or husbands with other coworkers, owners, patrons, etc (the male owners/bartenders/barbacks were another story however). The only two women I can think of who did were just kind of wired that way and always embroiled in some form of sexual or financial scandal, and both were "dating" an owner or bartender who was regularly generating similar drama.

Industry networks, especially at the city level, are small as hell. It would not take much for a person or even a company to develop "a reputation."

AS IF I would risk my livelihood, reputation, or even day-to-day comfort at a job I NEED to hook up with dudes at work. Lol. I've never even met another professional woman who "doesn't" think this way. Like even if I was SUPER desperate, I would literally want to look ANYWHERE ELSE ON THE PLANET than my workplace.

Yall are doing this man a disservice with these garbage-ass takes.

IF his girl is in fact stepping out, then that's her and they should deal with their relationship accordingly. But it's definitely not so normal to start a new corporate job and immediately begin fucking the first man one meets there that EVERY friendly interaction with a woman in a work environment should be interpreted as suggestive.

Please stop projecting your trifling, thirsty, predatory, unprofessional bullshit onto all working women.