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Topic subjectIf you know you know.
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13338407, If you know you know.
Posted by Mafamaticks, Fri Jun-14-19 03:20 PM
Long ass text threads is sign one.

Women do goofy shit like invite their options around their SO in some form or capacity. Maybe it's to convince themselves they aren't doing anything wrong. I digress. She already mentioning him at home. And she inviting you to the happy hour. Sign two.

They already spend mad time at work together. Sign 3.

You got that feeling in the pit of your stomach. Sign 4. the fact that you're even posting this lets me know you ain't somebody that's willing to fly off the handle on some jealous shit. You ain't crazy fam.

Tell her you don't feel comfortable with it and be willing to walk away from the shit. at that point she can stop bullshitting herself (sign 2) and make a conscious decision to decide if she's gonna lie to you about their relationship or not. From there, if she is on some bullshit, she's gonna make you feel like you're crazy because you won't have any proof until you go through her phone. But at that point you did what you're supposed to do.

Cheating is a gradual process for women generally speaking. If you don't say anything, she's gonna feel comfortable enough to build another relationship IN FRONT OF YOU. Then she'll lie to you to go hang out with him outside of work. Why it's happening is another post, but it's happening so this is my advice on how to deal with it. Best thing you can do is dead the shit now and leave with what you have. The longer you wait, the more she's gonna convince herself that you ain't shit, until you ain't, then you're gonna be on the losing end.

I've been a work husband twice and I wound up fucking both of them. I was also in your shoes 15 years ago. I let a lot of shit slide and I had to go through her phone to find out she lied to me. I went through that so you wouldn't have to