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Topic subjectI think yall should def talk about it. But AFTER the hh. Observe 1st.
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13338225, I think yall should def talk about it. But AFTER the hh. Observe 1st.
Posted by kfine, Thu Jun-13-19 04:33 PM
Maybe witnessing the vibe in person will help. Maybe the guy's a total slob? Or maybe he's not even straight?!

Another thing, and sorry if this is overstepping but: the way you talk about the dynamic is so... inevitable sounding.

As if there's just no alternative outcome to her being around men other than you than her instantly becoming more attracted.

You should know that, even IF that was the case, it would expose a lot more about her than you.

Regardless of what's going on at her job, think better about yourself.

I mean, you know your partner better than we ever could.. but tbh your happiness shouldn't depend on her every breath and action. That's such a volatile life. So if you're confident, based on her history or character, that she's the flitty flighty type who can't befriend another guy without fucking him... perhaps such a person is not a good match for you??

Challenge yourself to elevate past emotionally immature tactics. Contrary to what many in this post are recommending, a lot of women find insecure stubborn emotionally-closed-off men who refuse to communicate extremely frustrating and unattractive.

Strive for emotional maturity for YOU. For YOUR mental health and attractiveness. And if you two are truly a good match for the long run, then the communication and emotional maturity will help your relationship too. If not, then it'll help your future relationship(s). Just don't make it about a few lunches and texts. This sounds way deeper than that.