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Topic subjectHow have you handled your S.O emotionally "cheating" ?
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13338159, How have you handled your S.O emotionally "cheating" ?
Posted by j., Thu Jun-13-19 02:16 PM
to be clear I'm talking building an emotional connection with someone else
a co-worker, classmate, etc
no physical cheating, I gotta stress this

I'm talking the "work wife/husband" thing
the texting/e-mailing all day
the lunch dates
the inside jokes
the deep convos
the building up of emotional intimacy and connection
again, they ain't smashing, but everything else is there

Basically Jim and Pam in The Office the first 2 seasons

Remember Pam had a man the whole time

Clearly something is off in the relationship if your partner is off making emotional connections with someone else right?

But we spend more time at work than we do at home

It's only natural that men and women around each other 40+ hours a week, friendships and connections develop right?

I'm struggling with this now

One part of me says the game is the game and women are always choosing
if his game is tighter and one day she comes home on some "I choose him" than that's all she wrote
I'm not on some trying to control women or jealousy shit
I can only be me

Another part of me is pissed at dude's audacity and disrespect
He knows she has a man
but keeps on like it's all good
I'm the type that if a female tells me she has a man then she's dead to me and I'll keep it strictly cordial
no flirting, no talking all day, no nothing
but every dude ain't like me

So it's either
Let it go and let her make her choice (can't control anyone)
See dude and make it clear she's spoken for (Did I mention he's married?)