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Topic subjectCamp Flog Gnaw vs Roots Picnic
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13338033, Camp Flog Gnaw vs Roots Picnic
Posted by 81 DUN, Wed Jun-12-19 06:09 PM
I guess Tyler's brand is stronger cuz his lineup game is killin it. He brings out Roy Ayers while Lil Uzi Vert is with the Roots. I am a tad confused on the Roots lineup choices. I don't need pure hip hop and soul all day but Damn that line up is weird
13338035, Isn’t uzi a philly kid?
Posted by BrooklynWHAT, Wed Jun-12-19 06:55 PM
13338037, Is 2 Chainz from Philly?
Posted by 81 DUN, Wed Jun-12-19 07:14 PM
13338036, dodger stadium vs festival pier
Posted by tomjohn29, Wed Jun-12-19 07:08 PM
la vs philly
current artist vs legacy act

two totally different events that cant be compared
13338038, Not too many legendary acts at the Picnic
Posted by 81 DUN, Wed Jun-12-19 07:17 PM
I just did compare. Blueface isn't a legendary act Lil Baby ain't legendary
13338041, comparing them is stupid
Posted by tomjohn29, Wed Jun-12-19 08:17 PM
scope of each of them has always been different
one is a two day huge festival at dodger stadium (vip two day pass is almost a $950)
other is a small one day concert
but have at it
13338046, You very mad about this
Posted by 81 DUN, Wed Jun-12-19 09:18 PM
13338051, seething
Posted by tomjohn29, Wed Jun-12-19 09:45 PM
13338056, RE: seething
Posted by 81 DUN, Wed Jun-12-19 11:47 PM
It used to be a one day event it grew into something bigger. I just have to give a nod to Tyler for creating an event that has a great mix of talent. Seems like the picnic is trying to sell tickets more than getting a quality lineup that gathers a following.
13338045, Roots lineup did suck this year, sure, except for our man RTistic
Posted by ConcreteCharlie, Wed Jun-12-19 08:46 PM
but seems like an apple/orange comparison overall
13338067, Camp Flog Gnaw announced a lineup...?
Posted by bentagain, Thu Jun-13-19 07:31 AM
You’re cysing Roy Ayers, who played Gnaw in 2017

You should compare the lineups from that year...

You shitted on 2Chainz in a previous reply...but he also played Gnaw

Find it kinda strange to shit on the picnic the year the roots call their own number

Tyler ain’t got no hits jive turkey (c)

Also, while I lived in Philly, I saw Roy Ayers twice...for free...at the west oak lane jazz fest

Just saying...

13338072, Roy Ayers plays everywhere.....*shrug*
Posted by FLUIDJ, Thu Jun-13-19 07:42 AM
I saw him at Detroit Jazz Fest a couple of years ago.

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