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Topic subjectRE: Unless u walk up in knickers & Shakespearean cosplay outfit
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13338134, RE: Unless u walk up in knickers & Shakespearean cosplay outfit
Posted by BlakStaar, Thu Jun-13-19 12:28 PM
>If its Abt the cheating, depends on how mom and dad got along
>over the years. Most likely 20yrs layer everyone has made
>peace with the situation. Best outcome would be going and
>maybe getting cool with dad's side of the family

This is really about my dislike of public speaking and my father's family.

It really isn't about the cheating, which I discovered AFTER I agreed to read the poem. It certainly doesn't help, though.

My mom is not over it. She was the first to remarry practically within a year of the divorce. My dad got married the next year.

She doesn't like talking to my dad now, plus she talked shit about him all throughout my childhood. Still does, actually. LOL.

It's sad because I find out more year after year. For example, last year I asked my mom how long she breastfed me, and she told me only five months because "your father was giving me grief" with a stank face. I should add that my mother divorced her second husband and got married to another person while I was in college. But again, she's still talking shit about my dad, though she seems happy with stepdad No. 2. (Off topic: Is it possible to be "happily married" with your third husband but seemingly still butthurt about your first failed marriage? Serious question)