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Topic subjectJustin Bieber wants to fight Tom Cruise.
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13337586, Justin Bieber wants to fight Tom Cruise.
Posted by Mynoriti, Mon Jun-10-19 03:21 PM

mod note (Triptych): Sorry - accidentally edited this :(
13337590, crap I just logged on and it's already time to logoff.
Posted by PG, Mon Jun-10-19 03:39 PM
stupid internets are too much.
13337592, TOMMY
Posted by fontgangsta, Mon Jun-10-19 03:44 PM
hes got....All The Right Moves
13337595, LOL, I'm not the only that thinks Cruise would destroy him right?
Posted by walihorse, Mon Jun-10-19 03:48 PM
Unless Bieber has been training. I don't see it.
13337596, *waits for Scientology to body Bieber's career*
Posted by WarriorPoet415, Mon Jun-10-19 03:49 PM


"To Each His Reach"


Fuck aliens.
13337603, Bieber has two+ inches and 30+ pounds on Cruise... but Cruise wins.
Posted by Frank Longo, Mon Jun-10-19 04:24 PM
Because Cruise is unquestionably faster than Bieber, and Cruise has been doing his own fight stunts for a decade now. Biebs would swing wildly at Cruise, miss repeatedly, and Cruise would pick his spots to pick him apart.
13337605, If he were really about that life, he'd challenge Keanu
Posted by Cold Truth, Mon Jun-10-19 04:29 PM
That said, Crooze wins without breaking a sweat.
13337618, Cruise wasn’t famous until he was 20+, he wins easily
Posted by DJR, Mon Jun-10-19 05:18 PM
because he likely got into some fights as a kid, like pretty much everybody.

Bieber has had bodyguards since he was like 12, he has probably never been in a fight in his life.
13337639, Agreed
Posted by Mgmt, Mon Jun-10-19 08:56 PM
>because he likely got into some fights as a kid, like pretty
>much everybody.
>Bieber has had bodyguards since he was like 12, he has
>probably never been in a fight in his life.
13337670, You see Cruise's original teeth? Yeah, those are "I fight" teeth.
Posted by Frank Longo, Tue Jun-11-19 09:46 AM
13337797, https://i.gifer.com/3Ef.gif
Posted by 40thStreetBlack, Wed Jun-12-19 02:29 AM
13337629, Tommy
Posted by Dstl1, Mon Jun-10-19 06:44 PM
13337631, I think Beiber has too many people around him cysing him
Posted by GOMEZ, Mon Jun-10-19 07:03 PM
All his boys tell him he's awesome at skateboarding and let him win at basketball and stuff so the party train keeps rolling.

He probably went in to an MMA class and some folks let him have some success, and he thinks he's ready to tangle.

I'd say Cruise by ground and pound.
13337658, Dude is forever pubescent
Posted by rdhull, Tue Jun-11-19 08:41 AM
He better siddown somewhere
13337695, Tom Cruise gonna eat Bieber's unborn children.
Posted by Triptych, Tue Jun-11-19 12:11 PM

Dude's been doing all his own stunts for like 40 years.

Every movie he's FOR REAL riding motorcycles off the sides of hovercrafts and hanging off planes and shit.

Worth like $700 million and 55 years old like Hmm what'll I do today oh I know SKYDIVE FROM SPACE FOR SIX MONTHS.

Like 90% of fighting is willpower. I'm not fighting Tom Cruise fuck that.
13337696, lol i was all confused when i saw the original edit
Posted by mista k5, Tue Jun-11-19 12:14 PM
13337699, Lol for the record I was cool with the edit
Posted by Mynoriti, Tue Jun-11-19 12:18 PM
in this case
13337700, lol sorry
Posted by Triptych, Tue Jun-11-19 12:18 PM
the edit and reply buttons are so close to each other :(
13337799, Tom Creezy gonna fuck beiber up wit dat ....
Posted by NoDrawls McGraw, Wed Jun-12-19 04:17 AM
...good Last Samurai time-lapse....

I know my real ninjaz know the scene I'm tawnbout.....

13337922, What's a katana again *wipe fade* I know bushido.
Posted by Triptych, Wed Jun-12-19 12:04 PM
13337815, i'm rooting way too hard for bieber
Posted by Amritsar, Wed Jun-12-19 08:21 AM
13337929, Cruise is in phenomenal shape and has Scientology probably
Posted by Marauder21, Wed Jun-12-19 12:17 PM
infusing him with the blood of their young to give him strength.

And if all else fails, he can run better, too.

Cruise wins.
13337984, You know how many times he's practiced sprinting in a tuxedo?
Posted by Triptych, Wed Jun-12-19 02:17 PM
not fighting dude.
13338032, Tom is a real life John Wick lol
Posted by rdhull, Wed Jun-12-19 05:53 PM