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Topic subjectthe fuck?? lol
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13337691, the fuck?? lol
Posted by Mynoriti, Tue Jun-11-19 11:50 AM
>I remember following someone that cut me off from Denville to
>Secaucus, NJ (about 40 miles). I followed him all the way to
>his job. Got out and walked right behind him into his office
>building and got on the elevator with him. Didn't say a word,
>just stared at him. Once the 5th floor hit he ran to the phone
>to call security. I actually called out of my job that day
>because I was so pissed that he cut me off
>I've calmed down a lot since then. Don't see the point in
>flipping the bird anymore. Just take the minor L and move on
>with life, especially now I got the little one in the car with
>me almost all the time