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Topic subjectMan, I Was So Mad
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13337554, Man, I Was So Mad
Posted by RexLongfellow, Mon Jun-10-19 01:42 PM
When dude cut me off, didn't even do the obligatory "my bad" wave. Just cut me off and kept going. I had to swerve to miss a truck.

That happened, I called my boss and said, I'm sick, can't come in. Then followed dude. I look back at it now and it was just funny because I never said a word to him, but followed him and just kept looking at dude when I got out the car and into the office building. When we was on the same elevator, I was like Bishop in Juice on the elevator, just ice-grilling him...lol

I was crazy with the rage. I actually pulled over in the middle of NY (7th Ave by Madison Square Garden) and banged on some cabbie's hood because he honked at me.

That was years ago though...now I'm soft...lol