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Topic subjectCops are, overall, insecure dickheads.
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13337459, Cops are, overall, insecure dickheads.
Posted by flipnile, Mon Jun-10-19 09:04 AM
Where I work is near a bunch of courthouses and other government buildings, so I see a lot of cops every time I go outside. The number that won't make eye contact with me, look all scared or puff their chest out is unfortunately high. Why is it so hard for them to fit into normal society and do shit like say "good morning" or nod?

Respect to the cops that aren't like the about. Kinda sad it's literally like 1/50 that I see.

Also southern road rage scare me, as well as drivers from New Jersey. Always seems *personal* with southern & NJ drivers. Passing someone too fast for their liking and they go into a rage, even tho they are ZERO percent affected by it. Honk at one of these mofos and the passive aggressive driving behaviours come out.

Add in a badge and sense of entitlement and I can imagine something like that.