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Topic subjectOn Earth 2 white people arent allowed to be cops
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13337453, On Earth 2 white people arent allowed to be cops
Posted by MEAT, Mon Jun-10-19 08:38 AM
I had a jack off call himself flashing his badge at me this morning
Was he in a cop car? No a Jetta
Was he in a cop uniform? No he looked and dressed like Johnathan Hodgeman
But what he was was a white man. That was driving both below the speed limit and conditions in the fast lane.
So when I passed him and gave him the appropriate finger his only response was to flash his badge at me
To which I replied with an additional finger, and mouthed “I don’t care” and then gestured to the speedometer
Was I wrong? No. Was I inappropriate? 50/50

But i also wasn’t the one trying to hide behind some false authority to justify my behavior.

Addendum: part of my irritation is that I’m quietly big on ethics and optics
And to rule based systems, one crack begets more
The manager that flirts with an intern
The cop car that flashes its lights to get through an intersection
The quid pro quo of capitalistic democracy ... all these things shake a foundation
And as a black man I’ll NEVER have trust in police, but if they think it’s just the fact that they’re openly racist and murderous, it’s so much more. When your near every interaction with them is in th grey, how can you ever even begin to trust them.