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Topic subjectHigh School Newspaper does puff piece on student who does Porn
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13337080, High School Newspaper does puff piece on student who does Porn
Posted by Buddy_Gilapagos, Thu Jun-06-19 09:17 AM
I heard about the piece from this Atlantic article.


I read the article and was wondering what type of fuckery is this? Why would they allow the article to published (bullshit free speech arguments aside)?

Then I read the story here


And when I saw her picture and saw that she was black I was like, oh, I see it. I just think if it were a white girl, they would have found a way to squash the story and keep this girls name out the press. Because she was black, some folks idea of progressivism allowed them to put the first amendment issue ahead of the girl at the heart of the story. And when you read the story it's clear this girl is in a baaad place.

I hate it and folks who defend it make progressivism and feminism look bad.

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