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Topic subjectI have two books currently
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13337073, I have two books currently
Posted by Rockscissorspaper, Thu Jun-06-19 08:56 AM
MYTH SMITH is basically my flagship character/title. He's a "supernatural adventurer". My elevator pitch is Indiana Jones meets Hellboy meets Shaft (plus Xombi from Milestone comics but most people don't get that reference). Myth is a 200 plus year old guy (physically in his early 30s) who has been tasked with maintaining the balance between the "real world" and the extra-dimensional realm that magic comes from. Myth uses weapons and artifacts from all those different mythologies (plus some I just make up myself). The self contained issue 0 is out now and issue 1 (of 4) should be out in July.

My other book is called DOUBLE DOSE. The first issue features Myth Smith but every issue will feature a different character. Each issue has two complete stories about that character with art by two different illustrators. Issue two is currently in production and I hope to have it out this year but no guarantees (one of the artists is going through some stuff in his personal life right now).