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Topic subjectGot my comics updated & site up.
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13337014, Got my comics updated & site up.
Posted by Rockscissorspaper, Wed Jun-05-19 03:24 PM
I'm an indie comic writer/creator. First book came out in 2014. Since I don't draw (anymore) or color, I have to depend on others for that and some people aren't dependable.Had an artist and a colorist I hired steal from me, which has contributed to the delays in release of my main title. But for the most part the people I've worked with have done great stuff even if some of them are slow as hell, lol.

Anyway, recently updated my previously released books (new colors, lettering and pin-ups) and finally got my website up. New book should be out in July. Been hitting up comic conventions since 2014, but not as frequently as I would like and not around the nation like I want to. Hope to change that in the near future.