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Topic subjecti created some icons to use in an internal document
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13336667, i created some icons to use in an internal document
Posted by mista k5, Tue Jun-04-19 10:43 AM
i needed some support from the software company so i sent them so they could help me set up the file so i could swap between them without issue. the icons arent anything super unique but i can definitely tell i made them. they indicate something in a unique way that i have not seen before and makes a lot of sense to me.

so last month i got to meet the dude that provides the remote support. he was showing me something he put together for another customer, he opens the file and its using my icons! lol i was a bit mad but also hey thats cool. john mayer looking dude has been mad helpful so i laughed it off.

on that same thread, i developed a template using their software that lets me automate so much stuff. i was a bit confused on how to do some things so i got him on support and showed him what i was tying to do. he was impressed with what i put together. more so he wasnt sure how what i wanted to do could be done if it could lol maybe i know where my next move is.