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Topic subjectSmoked a brisket, trimmed and smoker beef ribs and made bacon
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13336633, Smoked a brisket, trimmed and smoker beef ribs and made bacon
Posted by spenzalii, Tue Jun-04-19 08:43 AM
Been upping my BBQ game and trying to move into small scale catering as a side hustle. I've got my kamado smoker pretty dialed in, and I"m learning how to get the best out of my offset cooker my wife got me as an anniversary gift (nice capacity, but burns fuel like a 454 big block). Pork shoulder is easy enough, and I"m really good on chicken. Smoked turkey > fried turkey when you know what you're doing (and I do). But big beef cuts? Need patience and skill to keep from ruining a big cut of meat.

The brisket was great. Got a USDA Prime from the store, trimmed it, injected it, rubbed it, let it rest, then set the smoker up to roll 14 hours until it was done. And let me tell you, it was fantastic. 14lb packer didn't last 2 days in my small family.

The beef ribs were more daunting. My brother works for someone that has a farm and raises steer. So when it was time to slaughter the cow, they had fresh meat ready to go. Beef ribs are a bit harder to come by, so I asked for some of those. What I got was a 16" x 24" slab of rib that looked like what flipped Fred Flintstone's car. I had to buy a saw, sterilize the blade, cut the rib cage in half, cut the ribs into 2 and 3 bone sections, then cook them. Some of those I sold, and people can't wait for more. Those came out like brisket on a stick.

Bacon is awesome. Even vegans have to admit that. Got my hands on some fresh pork bellies, cured them for a week, soaked them to remove some extra salt, cold smoked them. Half a slab went to bacon, which was absolutely delicious. The other half I plan on making bacon burnt ends over the weekend