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Posted by dapitts08, Mon Jun-03-19 03:28 PM
>how long have you been in your field?

i started out as a self taught graphic designer and transitioned into web. been doing web for the past 3-4 years. been in the field for about 8 years.

>Are you at the point where you're solely freelance?

i've been freelance the entire time. i'm also single with no kids so can deal with the feast or famine cycle.

>My wife is a graphic designer/artist and is terrified about
>trying to do freelance only. Unfortunately we aren't at point
>financially where it could be done with just my income. but
>I'm trying.

yeah, freelancing definitely is hard. i've debated a lot about continuing this path or bouncing for some more stability. but i know for me the trade offs aren't worth it. i need the freedom to choose which projects i work on.

for your wife, i know a lot of folks who dipped their toes in first instead of jumping all in. instead picking up a few freelance gigs here and there and eventually getting to a point where the demand made sense to go full-time. doing that also helps in building out the systems and processes you need to run a freelance biz. everything from lead gen to the actual deliverables.

>Her biggest fear is not having enough insurance coverage for
>us, plus we want to try for a kid soon.

this is real. and definitely one of the downsides of freelancing.