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Topic subjectgot asked by a long time client to be a partner ...
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13336399, got asked by a long time client to be a partner ...
Posted by dapitts08, Mon Jun-03-19 10:58 AM
in his next business venture. i'll pretty much be the product designer for the start up which is a role i've been aspiring to obtain but thought it would be another year or two before i got there.

also landed a weekly retainer as a front-end dev for another start up a couple of weeks ago. pitched the highest rate i've ever done so far in my freelance career. so pretty proud that i got it. the addition of it to my portfolio should allow me to test that waters at pitching at an even higher rate for future retainers. as a freelancer it is really hard to figure out the value of your services in the marketplace. i know i've been under pricing my work for a long time and needed this boost of confidence to get where i am trying to go. my word for 2019 was LEVELUP and I am actually seeing it happen.

i've put in a lot of years of work to get here and am really stoked to see how it is finally coming together.