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Topic subjectliving a much healthier lifestyle
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13336397, living a much healthier lifestyle
Posted by RobOne4, Mon Jun-03-19 10:53 AM
after almost dying in December of 2017 and spending 2 weeks in the hospital. I thought in 1 month i would be back to normal and man was I wrong. I spent all of 2018 building my strength and endurance back up. When i say endurance I mean being able to go out and about with the family for the day with out needing to sit down every 30 minutes. Around this past christmas i felt so amazing I decided fuck this im gonna keep going on this working out train. So I started with the gym and going on long walks. the most important thing was i started to watch what i ate. I noticed even with all the working out it didnt mean shit when im not controlling my diet. I feel better than I have in a long long time.