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Posted by Nodima, Mon Jun-03-19 10:05 AM
>what was more the context of his response. Was it a turning
>point to him?

He liked the song, but didn't want it to be the single. When it got a huge negative response, he started ghosting appearances and media agreements, started hitting the lean harder than he ever had after nearly a year clean, broke up with his longtime girlfriend, began resenting Waka for becoming a star in his own right (and dropped Deb as his manager) and became combative and distrustful with nearly everyone around him.

The book is pretty authentically written in Gucci's voice, which is to say that it's pretty straightforward and really only gets close to 300 pages because of its choice of font size and spacing, but that portion gets pretty grim and only gets darker from there. The "Gucci Time" reviews are framed as a significant moment that led to one of the lowest points of his career and it was...something to see my words be picked out as an example of what started that period.

It was a real mix of, "wow, I'm in a best seller from an artist I've spent over a decade enjoying," and "oh, I don't feel so great about WHY I'm in there." I was slightly happy they decided to quote the publications rather than the bylines.

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