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Topic subjectMore of a "happened to me" than a "did"
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13336362, More of a "happened to me" than a "did"
Posted by Nodima, Mon Jun-03-19 08:56 AM
I was indirectly quoted in Gucci Mane's NYT best-selling autobiography. It was surreal to learn about though since I'd have written those words at 22 or 23 years old, and they were quoted in the context of Gucci Mane becoming depressed and worried over the future of his career (I was very unkind to "Gucci Time" featuring Swizz Beatz).

It wasn't so much that he'd seen what I wrote, that's not new to me, so much as the factors of that specific quote, reaction to it and where that reaction was revealed that had me in a weird state of reflection when I was made aware of it late last year.

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