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Topic subjectBrag about something you're doing or did
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13336360, Brag about something you're doing or did
Posted by walihorse, Mon Jun-03-19 08:38 AM
I had no idea how to approach this, mainly cuz I'm feeling pretty good right now and wanted to share.

I've been trying to make incremental improvements.

I decided to be healthier. I have been much better with my diet and I have been doing home work outs for 3 weeks straight. I'm starting to see improvements in myself and ability in the workout.

My wife and I have been working really hard to improve our home. We done home improvement projects almost every weekend for the past 3 months. Mainly the landscaping and gardening. Its almost too much in the FL heat now, but the outcome is always worth it.

Lastly, I baked chocolate chips cookies from scratch for the 1st time. I'm very excited how they turned out.

I'm feeling good. I hope you all are too.