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Topic subjectHow do you poop? Hopefully not like this guy
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13334123, How do you poop? Hopefully not like this guy
Posted by walihorse, Tue May-21-19 05:52 PM
13334125, lol
Posted by sectachrome86, Tue May-21-19 06:00 PM
I refuse to believe he's for real. Besides being disgusting, it doesn't make any logical sense whatsoever.
13334127, how this guy top the poop knife wtf
Posted by GriftyMcgrift, Tue May-21-19 06:40 PM
refuse to believe this is real
13334136, No way.
Posted by Brew, Tue May-21-19 08:01 PM
13334137, look how big he is, of course hes gonna get dookie on his hands
Posted by rdhull, Tue May-21-19 08:13 PM
13334141, Aint no way he was serious!
Posted by NoDrawls McGraw, Tue May-21-19 08:47 PM
He was bullshittin for da cameras.

This born-on-the-internet generation will do/say anything for views/reactions.