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13322402, without googling
Posted by Riot, Tue Mar-26-19 10:25 AM
but i googled in the last month or so-
>Justin Fairfax accusations?
slightly foggy on this one cuz so many harrassment stories in the news, but i think 1 of the 2 women seemed a little less than credible... and digging around that story stirs back up the dirt around the governor and the 3rd in line as well, and apparently no one wanted that to happen and put a republican in charge. i dont think anything here was a criminal charge so it can sail out of the news cycle. and some news site did a story finding just how many old yearbooks do have blackface pix in them. it was not insignificant.

also, neil degrasse tyson got "cleared" i guess, and given his tv show back

>The murder of Botham Shem Jean in his own home?
obviously trying to drag out the case but seemed to have a hearing in january where the killer showed up in power suit and blonde flowing hair (like changing zzimmerman from a amateur martial arts/firing range student to a fat slow goofball) with a gag order on the details.

>Or remember the Somali cop shooting that Australian Woman
>(Justine Damond) in MN?

charged wit murder, full stop. because, of course.
and they passed a bodycam law like a month later

trial is probably sometime this year

>Are these stories just coming to their natural resolution or
>does the media and the audience just lose interest?
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