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13321472, INDEED. Although ...
Posted by Brew, Thu Mar-21-19 02:32 PM
... I do SORT OF struggle with this thought. Like, to some degree I think that people like this are necessary for some of the major societal enhancements. Know what I'm saying ? Like if everyone was just kinda "meh, whatever" there's a lot of important stuff that wouldn't get done.

So I dunno. I of course realize that they are psychooooos but also think to some extent that a few of them are necessary for the major steps forward we require as a culture haha.

Maybe they should just do it and not brag about it ?

>RE: Hopefully one day we treat people who brag about
>sleeping four hours a day and say things like "I'm married to
>my company" like the psychos they are, instead of like
>visionary geniuses.