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Topic subjectRE: I'd rather be examined WITH the blood test
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13321079, RE: I'd rather be examined WITH the blood test
Posted by bentagain, Wed Mar-20-19 02:58 PM
That was what was so disruptive about the idea...you can't do that...even today

You have to wait for a blood test

I think that's what carried the company for so long

It's actually a great idea, and it will come to market from another company

I didn't see the doc, but I didn't hear the in home device pitch

As I understood it, and I believe they cut a deal with Walgreen's to have the devices in stores, like that thing you put your finger in to measure BP...it would be at the Dr's office and eventually in retail outlets like Walgreen's

But even so, I think you're underestimating the market

Blood testing is a growing industry, especially with the rise of diabetes

There are definitely patients that would benefit from having the device in their home

Would Jo Smo need one, of course not

But if you were diagnosed with a disease, and flare ups could be detected by blood tests

...say cancer for example...

Yeah, that would be a great benefit to the patient.