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Topic subjectThe commercial for the doc jogged my memory...
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13321065, The commercial for the doc jogged my memory...
Posted by bentagain, Wed Mar-20-19 02:23 PM
I want to say it was 2014...anyway, right before shit hit the fan

My previous company sold medical devices that measure and map blood flow

Scheduled a demo at Theranos HQ

Pull up to the site, and before I'm even in the parking lot, a security guard is approaching my car

Highly unusual. Typically you can enter the building and check in with security, etc..,

Antennas are up

My contact hadn't completed some paperwork for a rep visit, so I was asked to wait (after being allowed in the building) in a common area

Couldn't have been more than 5 minutes, security comes back and asks me to move to a conference room

The common area is immediately past the front door

"Is Obama coming" I said jokingly, which security didn't find funny at all

A few minutes in the conference room, which still has a view of the front door

The armada of black suvs pull up, she hops out, bookended by mib looking detail on all sides

I had no idea who she was, but my contact filled me in

I remember feeling sorry for somebody forced to live that way, assuming it was because she was heralded as the youngest billionaire in the world at the time

After the shit hit the fan, it just became a story to tell

I also remember being blown away by the campus

Brand new, state of the art facility, in Palo Alto, had to be worth a billy

It was like being immersed in an action movie/spy thriller for an afternoon

Fucking weird, that feeling stays with me to this day

She knew.

Edit: my contact led a walk through of the building

Majority of it was administrative, cubicles, etc...

Get to the lab...empty

Absolutely nothing in there except test benches

I didn't even see their blood testing device