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Topic subjectFyre Fest is not the same thing.
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13320943, Fyre Fest is not the same thing.
Posted by Brew, Wed Mar-20-19 10:07 AM
Theranos was fucking w/people's lives and risking their health for profit, based on wholly fraudulent claims and manipulative business practices.

Fyre Fest fucked w/people's money. Definitely shitty but nowhere near the level of what Holmes and Theranos did and could've potentially done to people.

>I think people don't truly realize how insane/delusional you
>have to be to make these crazy moon shot ideas work..
>Sure Fyre festival was trash.. BUT if that shit worked we
>would be talking about dude as some exalted genius... same
>with Elizabeth Holmes
>the line between them and the Paypal mafia is sooooo thin.
>Because whatever you think about Thernaos.. someone is going
>to win the blood testing battle..