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Topic subjectI read the book by the WSJ writer last summer.
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13320931, I read the book by the WSJ writer last summer.
Posted by mrhood75, Wed Mar-20-19 09:33 AM
This doc was good, but I think it let her too far off the hook. Everyone was lightweight making excuses about how she started off trying to help people but that things got away from the company. But she put people’s health in danger, especially after they opened up their “clinics” in AZ Walgreen’s. She was always someone who needed to be right, and would marginalize or, more likely, fire anyone who raised any sort of concerns or disagreed with her. The COO and her possible boyfriend Sunny was a huge piece of work as well.

I think a big takeaway of the doc (and the book) is how Venture Capitalist culture is trash. How everyone is looking so busy for the next Uber or IG or whatever that they threw common sense to the wind, all in purisuit of a “unicorn.”

But yeah, Holmes is a piece of work. I don’t know what’s more off-putting: the stare or the voice. And there is speculation that the latter is fake. She has also worked very hard to maintain a distance between herself and just about everyone else that’s forced people to assume/project motivations onto her. I don’t think she’s ever really given an interview beyond those early two puff pieces and the Errol Morris marketing interview. Close she came was the response to WSJ on CNBC, and that was all bullshit propaganda.