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Topic subjectAnyone see this Theranos/Elizabeth Holmes HBO documentary?
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13320912, Anyone see this Theranos/Elizabeth Holmes HBO documentary?
Posted by Marauder21, Wed Mar-20-19 09:05 AM
Because this was like an even crazier Fyre Fest, only with people's blood instead of a music festival in the Bahamas.

I barely paid attention to this when it happened, all I knew was it was some Silicon Valley company that was worth billions and then wasn't and was some kind of scam.

This has it ALL:
-Elizabeth Holmes is something else. Seriously, it can't be described, she's like a robot possessed by the spirit of someone who has heard of Steve Jobs, but weirder. She's a different level of unnerving.
-A machine that was going to be in every home in America that you put your blood into and it tells you what diseases you might have, even if it worked WHY WOULD YOU WANT THIS?
-A bunch of retired war criminals and politicians getting very very obviously scammed
-A company promising to revolutionize health care that's total contribution to American health care was giving slightly more people in Arizona syphilis
-The level of sociopathy you need to have in order to successfully run a massive scam never fails to amaze me.

In conclusion, the people we trust with the economy are all old decrepit psychopaths who can be easily manipulated by a young blonde promising them they won't die, capitalism is a sickness.