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Topic subjectShould I tell my situationship about my recent miscarriage?
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13312291, Should I tell my situationship about my recent miscarriage?
Posted by Mori, Wed Feb-06-19 09:30 PM
Started seeing a guy over the last six months. No labels, definitions or obligations as we were figuring out this romantic situation. He and I both enjoy each other. I was sexually exclusive with him for 6-7 months.

Then I hooked up with an old flame, unprotected, and got pregnant. I was pretty sure I was going to terminate the pregnancy, but ended up having a miscarriage.

I went MIA for a month and told my situationship that we should take a break. He was really taken a back. But I was an emotional and physical mess.

He is still expressing interest. So one part of me wants to tell him, out of respect that he has trust issues with women. A part of me feels like this is so personal and it doesn't involve him.

My lesson learned: No more unprotected sex.