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Topic subjectSo I didn't go, and I'm glad I didn't. He might catch a case now
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13322954, So I didn't go, and I'm glad I didn't. He might catch a case now
Posted by Cold Truth, Wed Mar-27-19 05:04 PM
We spoke a few times before the weekend got there, and I did my best to find some sort of middle ground.

His entire focus, under every circumstances, was smoking as much weed as possible. He was talking about riding around and smoking out, which I shut down without compromise. NAH. THAT AIN'T HAPPENING. So then he offers the compromise of him just eating edibles. He was also talking about hitting the dispensary.

Here's the thing: dispensaries out here stay getting shut down.

Further, I'm not driving around while he gets high in my car. First, I'm not a smoker and never was, so his heavy insistence on making that such a big part of the weekend wasn't working for me.

But he also kept talking about "business". First, his prior incarceration was a drug charge. So it's pretty easy to connect these dots. He eventually came around to hitting a Lupe concert, a BBQ event, and a few other options, instead of trying to do Hangover 4. But he never budged on the weed tip.

So I made up some excuse about suddenly getting sent out of town for work, because I couldn't bring myself to just tell him I didn't want to kick it. And I felt bad about that, and wish I'd have just been up front. But that's what it is.

He wound up spending all his funds on that leaf, and wound up spending the whole weekend blazing. He did absolutely nothing.
It can certainly be argued that it may not have gone down like that had I been there, but I doubt it.

Anyhow, I'm supposed to mail him his drivers license, and he hits me with a CALL ASAP text. I call, and he tells me to hold off because he needs to get a new mailing address.


Because he had his fucking cousin MAIL HIM SOME FUCKING WEED.

But W-W-W-W-WAIT IT GETS WORSE!!! (c) Sticky

His. Fucking. Cousin. Sent. That. Shit. To. The. Wrong. PO BOX.


So he gets to the post office and they tell him he has to go to some back room to pick up his package.

This fucking guy.

I tell him to start looking at lawyers. I don't really know what his culpability is here, but yeah. Doesn't look good on the surface.