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Topic subjectonly the middle part really sounds unreasonable...
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13313112, only the middle part really sounds unreasonable...
Posted by ThaTruth, Tue Feb-12-19 10:41 AM
"hit up a strip club, he wants to get high and drunk (sic), not sleep,"

you can hit the club but you don't have to stay all night, the rest just tell him you have a family and you don't do that any more and if he can't respect that is he really a friend?

I went through a similar thing with one of my boys in town last weekend. We used to go hard back in the day. This time he would be with his family until like 10 or 11 pm and then want to link up which was normal back in the day but now I go to bed at that time lol.

I finally saw him Saturday he showed up at this party I was at like 12, I left shortly after he got there. I could tell he felt some type of way but oh well, Father Time is undefeated lol.