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Topic subjectlol, some christian, encouraging a night of debauchery
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13312731, lol, some christian, encouraging a night of debauchery
Posted by Cold Truth, Fri Feb-08-19 06:40 PM
First, you do realize that you can troll without putting your stupidity on full display. Seriously, you don't have to form the dumbest, most pea-brained conclusions to troll for negative attention.

I realize that it's hard for you to grasp anything with the slightest bit of nuance though.

What sort of pastor, or any Christian, would encourage such a night anyways? I wonder how your imaginary friend would feel about your Christian leadership here? or your fellow church clergy for that matter.

But hey, you and I both know that it's more important for you to troll someone than to minister to them. A wolf is a wolf though, you have to be who you are.

That said, I've given you more attention than you deserve.

I'll be more than happy to lavish you with plenty of attention in your next backward, brain-dead, fallacy-filled cult post, but I'm through giving you attention in mine :)

Goodbye for now :)