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Topic subjectI read this as "Coming OUT," then as "Coming HOME"
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13312281, I read this as "Coming OUT," then as "Coming HOME"
Posted by flipnile, Wed Feb-06-19 06:20 PM
lol, I was reading the post wondering what was taking so long for him to come out in 2019, then I wondered why he was trying to get high on his weekend out (work release?), THEN I finally realized he's coming out to visit.

Nah, you're not being a bad friend. Tell him you gotta chill some. Personally, having my time scheduled for me stresses me out. He can't just come by the crib and chill?

And yeah, LA driving ain't no joke. The drive from East LA to Santa Monica took us almost as long as the drive from Philly to New York City (weekday traffic).