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Topic subjectGetting old absolutely *sucks* for so many reasons.
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13312245, Getting old absolutely *sucks* for so many reasons.
Posted by Brew, Wed Feb-06-19 04:42 PM
And this is one of them. I just turned 35 and while I'm far from my only friend without kids, the group of kidless friends is far smaller than it once was. Used to be pretty easy to get a group together to go out, even if it was just for a few early drinks/home by 11 type of thing.

Pretty tough to get a group together these days. Thankfully my wife and I travel a decent amount and have a pretty full calendar with that and family/work stuff, but still. I miss the days when I'd be leaving the office, could toss out a text to 3-4 guys and have them all at the bar in ~20 minutes. Now it takes weeks and sometimes months of planning just to get lunch w/some of these folks.